I started the SSim project for quite some years now, the first code was created in 2005. I’m developing SSim as a favorite of my free time projects to create a realtime submarine simulator featuring 3D graphics, physics, military and civil naval units, AI, real terrains, … with as much realism as possible.

Since my first lines of Java code SSim was completely rewritten several times with the latest major rewrite happened since the late 2011. Why? Because I stumbled upon the jMonkeyEngine - a really great Java game engine!

Currently I split the reimplementation of SSim up into smaller projects (all based on jME3) that are than merged into one final, great game. These subprojects are:

All code will be released as open source at GitHub. Any contributions (comments, issues, …) are welcome!

SSim Environment Demo

SSim-ED reimplements the 3D graphics part of SSim including:

It’s source code is available on GitHub as well as some instructions for developers.


Visit the download page to get a recent snapshot of SSim-ED as platform-independent Java application. Extract the downloaded archive into an empty folder and double-click (or execute otherwise) the contained .jar file.

Make sure that you have a suitable Java Runtime Environment installed, version 6 or better are required. If not you may download one at java.com.